8 Fav Environmental Documentaries

It makes us happy here at Ecophant, that environmental issues have become a big topic in film and television. Watching movies for entertaining is great, but it’s even more amazing when these movies are sending a strong message, making us think and inspiring to change.

So, we decided to share our top 8 favorite environmental documentaries with you.

Be the change!


1. Bag it

Released: 2011

Director: Susan Beraza

Jeb Berrier, a regular American man, makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and has his life completely changed.


2. Tapped

Released: 2009

Director: Stephanie Soechtig

Filmmakers examine the financial and ecological impact of the bottled water industry, including the toxic byproducts of manufacturing plastic water bottles.


3. The story of stuff

Released: 2007

Director: Louis Fox

The Story of Stuff is a short animated documentary about the lifecycle of material goods. The documentary is critical of excessive consumerism and promotes sustainability.

4. No impact man

Released: 2009

Director: Justin Schein, Laura Gabbert

The documentary tells the story of author Colin Beavan, who went completely "green," giving up virtually all of the comforts of modern living -- electricity, gas-powered transportation, shipped food, and public waste disposal -- in a drastic effort to curb his environmental impact.


5. Trashed

Released: 2012

Director: Candida Brady

Actor Jeremy Irons travels the world to investigate the damage to nature by the sheer volume of waste currently produced.


6. The true cost

Released: 2015

Director: Andrew Morgan

Filmmaker Andrew Morgan travels around the globe to see the people who make clothes for the world's fashion.


7. The 11th hour

Released: 2007

Director: Nadia Conners, Leila Conners

The 11th hour is considered the final moment when change is possible. Specialists reveal how human actions impact the Earth's ecosystems, and what can be done to reverse or slow the damage before it is too late to save the planet. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Before the flood

Released: 2016

Director: Fisher Stevens

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists, and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.


Please let us know if you have any suggestions about movies you can recommend to us.



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