5 Sustainable Tips for Back to School

It’s Back to School Season! 

It may be harder to be sustainable while away at school, but it sure isn’t impossible! 

Here are 5 sustainable tips for the back to school season

1. Try your best to avoid disposable plastic products

Look around the school cafeteria during lunch and you’ll find plastic food storage bags, plastic water bottles, plastic utensils & more! These are in abundance in schools because of their convenience. Instead of using these or sending your kid out the door with these, opt for more eco-friendly alternatives. Instead of using plastic wrap or bags, wrap your sandwich in bee’s wrap. Instead of bringing a plastic water bottle everyday, bring a reusable water bottle. Lastly, instead of using plastic cutlery, check out our bamboo cutlery options! 

2. Re-use all the supplies you already have instead of buying new

Back to school shopping is fun and exciting right? But unfortunately it may be unnecessary. Realistically we may need to buy a couple of notebooks and pencils every year, but if you take good care of your supplies it should be able to last more than one school year. Make sure to go through all of your supplies from last year and make a note of what to have to ensure that you don’t over consume. This tip could also save you a good amount of money!

3. Buy a back to school wardrobe that will last you more than just the school year

Back to school often also means a new wardrobe to look stylish throughout the year. While it is normal to buy new clothes each year, make sure that when you buy clothes, they are meant to last. Avoid buying clothes solely because they’re trendy at the time because once they “go out of style”, they may just collect dust in your closet. A principle to go by every time you buy a new clothing piece is to think to yourself “could I see myself still wearing this in 2-5 years?”. Putting a stop to impulse buys is good for the environment and your wallet! 

4. Carpool or walk/bike to school 

When everyone is going to the same place at the same time, it may be easy to create a carpool group! This is the perfect fix because it saves you time and energy while also creating less emissions from having less cars on the road. If you or your children live fairly close to the school, encourage walking or biking (if safe to do so). Maybe encourage your children to walk home once or twice a week. It’s good for the environment, encourages independence, and is good exercise! 

5. Spread the word and teach your peers how to be eco-conscious! 

Schools are great places to start important conversations! Use this as an opportunity to advocate for our earth. Many people are not aware of the climate crisis we are in and how our small changes do make a difference. Educate your peers and teachers about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If they need more information about how to start, refer them to our other blog post “What is Sustainability”. 

We hope these tips were helpful and hope you have a great school year!

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