Why Shopping Sustainably Is Worth the Extra Cost


Have you ever wondered why sustainable products are typically more expensive than we’re used to? 

Unfortunately, this tends to steer people away from ever purchasing eco-friendly products.

We get why people would be attracted to the more affordable option, but let us tell you why you should invest in sustainable products and save money in the long run.

The instant gratification of a cheap product is far outweighed by its social and environmental impacts

Most popular corporations cut corners to lower their costs of production which allows them to offer lower prices to customers. They do so by outsourcing their production overseas. This allows them to conduct unethical work environments such as child labor or unfair wages. Transportation from overseas facilities also creates mass pollution.

3 Reasons why popular products are cheaper than the sustainable option 

1. The companies rely on low-wage, overseas labor

Companies like to capitalize on overseas labor to make the most profit. But as a result, they indulge in unethical labor practices and create mass air pollution from transportation. When US-based companies are having all of their products made overseas, they have to transport them back to the US. They usually do so by ship or planes which causes large amounts of air pollution that wouldn’t have been produced if the products were just made in the US. 

2. The products are made with cheap materials (not made to last) 

The price you're paying the quality that you’re getting. This results in a lot of throwing away products shortly after receiving them. The cheap products you throw away after they break are ending up in our ever-increasing landfills and have environmental consequences.

3. The companies do not care about their environmental impact

Most big corporations only care about the money. Sustainable products are more expensive because green companies invest more money in how the products are made. Fair labor and ethical practices cost more,to avoid using cheaper plastic packaging and follow greener policies such as using renewable energy like solar panels.

In case you need more convincing, here are 4 more reasons why shopping sustainably is worth the extra cost.

1. Sustainable products are built to last longer 

By nature, most sustainable products last you longer, saving you money in the long run. For example, one LastSwab can replace up to 1,000 cotton swabs. The more zero-waste products you purchase, the less you will be running to the store to buy replacements. 

2. The more sustainable products we purchase, the cheaper they will become

High demand = cheaper prices. Sustainable products are more expensive right now because the demand for them is fairly low. The majority of the population is still using disposable cheap products. Once we make the switch and encourage others to do the same, we will increase the demand for eco-friendly products, making them cheaper. 

3. Promote fair wages and ethical labor practices

If we buy sustainably, we can feel good about where our money is going! Sustainable companies like B corporations are required to be transparent about their labor practices. You can support great companies who care about paying their workers living wages.

4. Your products will be made without the harmful chemicals

Like we said earlier, big companies will capitalize on convenience and low production rates rather than prioritizing your health. You would be surprised how many household products you have that contain hidden chemicals in them. Sustainable products are made to not damage the environment which means you’ll be getting the best quality ingredients without all the harmful stuff. 

Once you discover all of the unethical practices many corporations contribute to, you won’t see them the same again. Once we start buying from sustainable companies, we can feel better knowing that our money is going towards a good cause.

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