About us

Welcome to Ecophant

We are a female-founded company based in Los Angeles, California.

Our goal is to create positive change for the environment by helping you lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We know how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out where to begin in your journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle - which is why we strive to make shopping sustainably as simple as possible here at Ecophant.

Our eco-friendly products offer better alternatives for you to help keep the earth and your home clean and healthy. All of our products are certified - from BCorp, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade, and more. We work hard to ensure that you can trust that everything in our shop is giving some love back to the environment. From zero plastic waste packaging to 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, we are helping to make the world a greener place, one product at a time. 

With a passion for the environment and an understanding that not everyone can afford expensive products that will last, we started our online shop with the goal to help normal everyday people to kickstart a healthier and sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank. We saw that there was something missing from the market for eco-stores so we decided to fill it! All of our products are affordable, yet effective and made to last. 

Today, Ecophant continues to provide customers with the very best sustainable products that are made with love and care for the planet. Join us on our mission to create an eco-friendly world!  


Simply put, our mission is to make the world a better place through sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Small steps can amass to large-scale change and we hope to make that positive change happen. We envision a world where sustainability is not the alternative, but rather the norm. Together, we aim to impact the world by helping you to shop sustainably. 

As a consumer, you hold the power to make conscious, eco-friendly choices in what products you decide to purchase. We understand how overwhelming it can be to sift through the all the inauthentic business just trying to make a profit. Here at Ecophant, we are committed to keeping it 100% real with you - we are transparent and clear in how we are helping the planet. We truly care about the future of our world - which is why all of our products are environmentally sustainable, high-quality, and made with love for the planet

We believe a better world is on the horizon. Together, our actions can help inspire positive and widespread change. 

Be the change!

Love, Ecophant