Our Impact

At Ecophant, our brands are doing more than simply selling products. They're are working to ensure that every step of the production process is moving us toward creating a better, more sustainable world and environment. 

Sustainable Materials

Our brands use materials that are ethically sourced from the earth and will return to the earth naturally without harm. From 100% biodegradable bamboo to zero-waste vegan ingredients, our brands are using more sustainable materials in order to eliminate unnecessary water, energy, and gas usage in the production process.





Sustainable Packaging

While it is important for the products themselves to be eco-friendly, the packaging it comes in is equally important. That's why our brands use sustainable packaging that reduces their plastic usage. Whether its zero-plastic waste, recyclable, reusable, or compostable paper packaging, our brands are minimizing their harm to the environment through their packaging methods. 




More Quality, Less Harm

Our brands strive to make quality products that will stand the test of time without leaving a mark on our planet. Through their materials, production, packaging, and shipping process, our brands work to cut down their carbon footprint and waste production, while providing products that are durable and high-quality.